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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
- License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
- file, You can obtain one at -->
<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">
<!-- These strings are used in the about:home page -->
<!ENTITY abouthome.pageTitle "&brandFullName; Start Page">
<!ENTITY abouthome.searchEngineButton.label "Search">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthome.defaultSnippet1.v1):
text in <a/> will be linked to the Firefox features page on
<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet1.v1 "Thanks for choosing Firefox! To get the most out of your browser, learn more about the <a>latest features</a>.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthome.defaultSnippet2.v1):
text in <a/> will be linked to the featured add-ons on
<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet2.v1 "It's easy to customize your Firefox exactly the way you want it. <a>Choose from thousands of add-ons</a>.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthome.rightsSnippet): text in <a/> will be linked to about:rights -->
<!ENTITY abouthome.rightsSnippet "&brandFullName; is free and open source software from the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. <a>Know your rights…</a>">
<!ENTITY abouthome.bookmarksButton.label "Bookmarks">
<!ENTITY abouthome.historyButton.label "History">
<!ENTITY abouthome.settingsButton.label "Settings">
<!ENTITY abouthome.addonsButton.label "Add-ons">
<!ENTITY abouthome.appsButton.label "Marketplace">
<!ENTITY abouthome.downloadsButton.label "Downloads">
<!ENTITY abouthome.syncButton.label "&syncBrand.shortName.label;">