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roytam1 602c29b0b4 pref: set "media.mediasource.format-reader" to "true" by default 1 year ago
CVSROOT Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
browser-omni browser-omni: netError: use own version of netError locale, and add back missing entity which is removed in toolkit's rev 0aa27f0a 1 year ago
k-meleon pref: set "media.mediasource.format-reader" to "true" by default 1 year ago
mozilla 1.9.1 12 years ago
goanna-gre-prefs.diff Add Goanna libpref patch for K-Meleon use. 5 years ago
goanna-xulrunner-km-adapt.diff use new bg tab instead 5 years ago
kmxulr-sdk-goanna-210305.diff update XULRunner patch for KM76 (as of NM27 rev 7d12d066b) 1 year ago
nsResProtocolHandler-old-behaviour.diff Goanna old resource:/// behavior patch (optional) 5 years ago