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accel=Sets keyboard and mouse accelerators
cfg=Provides acces to K-Meleon's configuration files
compat=Updates preferences to the current version of K-Meleon
compat75=Adds more compatibility with old settings
console2=Integrates the Console\u00B2 extension (enhanced error console)
docinfo=Provides document information (links, images, linked images)
domcomplete=Provides keyboard accelerators for manual domain completion
encoding=Allows to change character encoding
flashblock=Provides Flashblock integration in menus
history=Provides access to K-Meleon's History
hotlink=Provides quick URL access
ie=Allows to open pages/links in Internet Explorer
mail=Provides mail and news functionality
minimal=Skin minimal
mtypes=Integrates the mtypes Extension (MIME Type Editor)
newsfox=Integrates the NewsFox extension (RSS feed reader)
permissions=Provides access to permissions
proxy=Allows to quickly switch between custom proxy configurations
reload=Allows to continuously reload pages
search=Provides web search functionality
sendto=Provides a submenu for external applications and web services
translate=Integrates a translation service
troubleshooting=Test write privilege for profile
useragent=Allows to set K-Meleon's User Agent string
zoom=Provides enhanced zoom functionality
spelltest=Spelling suggestions (requires dictionaries)
useragentmode=Allows user to select K-Meleon's User Agent string
places=Allows the user to view, search, and use the browsing history
tuxhelper=Provides help accessing mailto and sendto for Linux users