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<!ENTITY % prefDTD SYSTEM "chrome://kmprefs/locale/pref.dtd">%prefDTD;
<!ENTITY privacy.header "Privacy and Security Settings">
<!ENTITY privacy.signons "Remember login data (user names and passwords)">
<!ENTITY privacy.signons.view "Manage Passwords And Sites...">
<!ENTITY privacy.protect "&note; Use a master password to protect sensitive information.">
<!ENTITY privacy.paranoia "Paranoia">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept "Accept Cookies">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept.always "Always">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept.noForeign "From the originating website only">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept.p3p "According to privacy settings">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept.never "Never (Block cookies)">
<!ENTITY cookies.accept.visited "From visited sites only">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep "Keep Cookies">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.normally "Until time of expiration">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.session "Until end of session">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.daysBefore "For a maximum of">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.daysAfter "days">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.ask "Ask for each cookie">
<!ENTITY cookies.keep.ask.notForSession "Except for session cookies">
<!ENTITY cookies.view "Currently Stored Cookies...">
<!ENTITY cookies.view.p3p "Privacy Settings">
<!ENTITY useragent.label "User Agent String">
<!ENTITY "Determine how K-Meleon should identify itself:">
<!ENTITY useragent.note "&note; Faking the user agent string may prevent important features of some websites from working. Even if faked, sites may use other methods to get information about your computer.">