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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIDOMWindow.idl"
#include "nsIWebBrowser.idl"
interface nsISimpleEnumerator;
interface nsIArray;
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIObserver;
[scriptable,function, uuid(83910267-7670-4493-99c1-dd540a036ef3)]
interface kmICommandFunction:nsISupports {
void onCommand(in nsIDOMWindow win, in unsigned long mode, [optional] in string arg);
[scriptable,function, uuid(83910267-7670-4493-99c1-dd540a036ef4)]
interface kmICallback:nsISupports {
void run();
[scriptable,function, uuid(83910267-7670-4493-99c1-dd540a036ef5)]
interface kmIWindow:nsISupports {
readonly attribute voidPtr handle;
[scriptable, uuid(3d8ce8f0-5214-11db-b0de-0800200c9a65)]
interface kmICommand : nsISupports
readonly attribute AUTF8String name;
readonly attribute AUTF8String desc;
readonly attribute AUTF8String accel;
readonly attribute kmICommandFunction command;
attribute AUTF8String image;
[scriptable, uuid(3d8ce8f0-5214-11db-b0de-0800200c9a67)]
interface kmIButton : nsISupports
attribute string image;
attribute bool checked;
attribute bool disabled;
[scriptable, uuid(83910267-7670-4493-99c1-dd540a036ef2)]
interface nsIJSBridge : nsISupports
const unsigned short MENU_COMMAND = 1;
const unsigned short MENU_POPUP = 2;
const unsigned short MENU_INLINE = 3;
const unsigned short MENU_PLUGIN = 4;
const unsigned short MENU_SEPARATOR = 5;
const unsigned short OPEN_NORMAL = 0;
const unsigned short OPEN_NEW = 1;
const unsigned short OPEN_BACKGROUND = 2;
const unsigned short OPEN_NEWTAB = 3;
const unsigned short OPEN_BACKGROUNDTAB = 4;
const unsigned short OPEN_CLONE = 16;
void SetMenuCallback(in string menu, in string label, in kmICommandFunction command, [optional] in string before);
void SetMenu(in string menu,in unsigned short type, in string label, in string command, [optional] in string before);
void RebuildMenu(in string menu);
kmIButton CreateButton(in string cmd, [optional] in string menu, [optional] in string tooltip, [optional] in string label);
kmIButton CreateCallbackButton(in kmICommandFunction command, [optional] in string menu, [optional] in string tooltip, [optional] in string label);
//void AddButton(in string toolbar, in kmIButton button);
void AddToolbar(in string toolbar, [optional] in unsigned long width, [optional] in unsigned long height);
void AddButton(in string toolbar, in string command, [optional] in string menu, [optional] in string tooltip);
void RemoveButton(in string toolbar, in string command);
void id(in nsIDOMWindow window, in string id);
long SendMessage(in string plugin, in string to, in string from, in string data1);
void GetCmdList([optional] out unsigned long length, [array, size_is(length), retval] out kmICommand list);
long RegisterCmd(in string name, in string desc,
in kmICommandFunction command, [optional] in jsval icon,
[optional] in kmICallback enabled, [optional] in kmICallback checked);
void UnregisterCmd(in string name);
void SetCmdIcon(in string name, in jsval icon);
void SetButtonIcon(in string toolbar, in string command, in jsval icon);
void SetAccel(in string key, in string command);
nsIWebBrowser Open(in string url, in unsigned short state);
nsIWebBrowser GetActiveBrowser();
void GetWindows([optional] out unsigned long length, [array, size_is(length), retval] out kmIWindow list);
void AddListener(in nsIObserver listener);
void RemoveListener(in nsIObserver listener);
void LoadPlugin(in string path);
long ShowMenu(in string name, [optional] in bool sendCommand);